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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Power Of Light

Darkness flees from light.

 Here is a test you can do to see for yourself what happens when light is around darkness is no were around.

Go into a room and sit down by a light switch. Turn off the light. Now wait a few seconds. Now turn on the light switch. Did you notice how the darkness fled in a instant. Darkness can not over take the light. But, the light can vanish darkness. Cool stuff huh?

 This is what Jesus said about Himself. He said, I am the Light of the world. But, people refuse His message. Because His light reveals their darkness. It's like they love to live in a dark room. Refusing to turn on the light by receiving Jesus as their Savior.

 We can try tell some of these people were the light switch is. Until we are blue in the face. But they will never turn on the light. And receive Jesus as their Savior. Like roaches. These bugs love the dark. When we turn on the light they run for the nearest Shadow. If a person was to turn on the light in their life. And receive Jesus as their Savior. Their past and present sins. Their sins would flee as roaches do when the light is turned on.

 Jesus Loves You

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