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Monday, August 30, 2010

Invitation to the journey of a lifetime John Arrington

I want to invite you to participate with me and thousands of other followers of Jesus from around the world in an interactive quest to develop a deeper relationship with God. The "Seek Your Face" journey is a call to action. It is an invitation for people from all walks of life to go on a journey of discovery. It begins as an adventure that quickly becomes a life long quest until we see Him face to face. As you begin it won't take you long to realize that the goal, the prize, the quest is not a thing, but a Person.

It's free and all participants not only receive a complimentary praise and worship song from the Noise band but 30 day's of daily devotionals and 5 applicable messages on seeking the face of God.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today in networking with other followers of Jesus and developing a deeper relationship with God through His word.

Zyxter is a new social networking website that will be providing free tools and resources to help you make a kingdom impact online. So sign up today for the complimentary "Seek Your Face" series, share your story (testimony), and be part of helping us lead others to become fully devoted followers of Jesus!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Internet Is A Great Witnessing Tool

God has called me into the Internet Ministry. And you can do the same if you feel led by God to do so.

The Internet is an awesome tool that God can use to bring millions and millions of people into His Kingdom.

You can reach an unbelieveable amount of souls for the Kingdom of God by way of the Internet.

You can actually go into the homes of many people world wide and speak to them on a personal level about the love of Jesus. And that is not all. The Internet offers us a way to witness for Jesus and share the good news about the Gospel 24/7 365 days a year.

We as Christians are told by Jesus to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel" Mark 16:15. And the Internet is a great tool to do just that. Share the Gospel world wide.

What a awesome God we have.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

God Only Uses Failures - For All Have Sinned And Fall Short Of The Glory Of God

The book of Heb. Chapter 11: Is Gods Hall Of Fame Of Men And Women Of Faith.

By Faith it says. I want you to notice that everyone of these people that are mentioned here in Heb. 11: are what the world calls the scum of the earth. And out cast.

Here in Heb. 11: We have a list of people who were murders, drunkers, prostitutes and adulterers. These are people the world looks down on as failures of society. But these are the ones that God has chosen to do His will. And these are the ones that God entered into His Hall Of Fame Of Faith. Not one of these people had prestige.

These people listed in Gods Hall Of Fame are not Superstars, like the people we see in the hall of fame of the world today. These people was rejected by the world system. But they was excepted by God.

That is what I love about Jesus. He loves us even though we fail from time to time. He is always ready to forgive us. The world says 3 strikes and you are out. Jesus never counts us out or gives up on us.

So it goes to show you when God gives you a vision to share His word. Stay with it and don't let anything or anyone turn you away from what God has called you to do for His Glory. By faith stay with it no matter how hard the devil comes at you. Remember, Jesus already defeated the devil.

The power of faith is set forth in victories. These people was counted Righteous because of their faith in all things. Faith also sets us free from personal bondage of sin. Faith also blesses us with our personal needs. And all our needs will be met by faith.

By faith we fear nothing that the devil throws at us. We trust God for His protection. And we rest in total peace in God. A peace that passes all understanding. By faith we will escape all evil. These people lived on the edge of bring killed everyday because of their faith in God. But they never feared. They just trusted God and His promises by faith. And they won the battle over the devil.

So, reading in Heb. 11: I have come to realize that the most important thing is. Do you personally know Jesus? I am not impressed about all your college degrees or how many home runs you hit in a season. Or how rich you are. I want to know one and only one thing. Do you know Jesus.

Every thing the Bible says is coming our way. And will all come to pass and we better believe and trust that the Bible is true. And it will be our faith in God that bring us through it all. We better put on the full armor of God.

Everything the world has to offer you and I, is perishing. But the things of God will stand forever...

What hurts me to the core of my spirit is the miss interpition of the Bible today. Great leaders of mega Churches today are teaching that God will bless you with riches of this world. Like new cars, nice homes, etc... The truth is, God is not going to over whelm us with all the riches of the world. Why? Because if he did we would have our hearts and minds set on the world instead the things God.

People in third world countries are persecuted and even killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. And they did not receive the riches of this world. Oh how sad this is. Lord Jesus help us get our minds off of the riches of this world. It seems like to me, that these mega churches are competing with each other for top ranking among each other.

I am so ready for God to end all evil on this earth. Every were we look we hear and see how the devil is running ramped through out the earth. Destroying lives breaking up homes. Mass suicide and murders, etc... The world needs the true message of Jesus.

The calling that the Lord has put upon my heart and called me to do for His Glory. I hope it puts me on the devils hit list. See, it goes like this, if the devil is not attacking you, you are walking with him. That is why I put together this blog site. To share the truth about Jesus Christ and reveal the lies of the devil.

God has given me a burden to reach people world wide for the Kingdom of God. By way of the Internet. Just as Gods people wrote what God revealed to them in the Bible. So I write (type) what God reveals to me through His word in the Bible. This is what God has called me to do for His Glory and Honor.

I feel in my spirit we do not have much time left to warn the people who are lost. There is something that is going to happen very soon, that will shake the foundation of the earth. I feel a sense of urgency to share the good news of the Gospel to a lost and dieing world through the Internet.

When I see and hear all the evil things that is happening all around us and in the world. It makes me sick at my stomach watching the devil having his way. I was thinking it is time for us as Christians to stand up and be one step ahead of the devil and bind him in Jesus name and prevent some of these things from happening. By prayer and believing and trusting God to intervene before the devil attacks.

It is recorded through out the scriptures that Gods people won many battles and prevented the devil from causing disasters. This same thing can happen today, if we would get out of our comfort zone. And start praying for God to intervene before the devil attacks.

It is time for us as Christians to embrace Jesus and defeat the devil in Jesus name. Amen...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Duty As Christians

It is Gods job to judge.

It is Jesus job to save.

It is the Holy Spirit job to convict.

It is our job as Christians to love, forgive
and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Read The Most Amazing True Story About A Man Who Was Born On Death Row

Death vs Salvation

This Is What Jesus Saved Me From. This Is My Testimony.

Life Seems So Unfair At Times

Read the true story - About a man who was born on death row. He was found guilty and sentences with life without parole.

His only crime? He was found guilty of being born...

This is my life story and testimony before Nov. 1984 and after 1984 I got Saved and was Born Again because I received Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. This is what Jesus saved me from.

All I ask for you to do, is to read this blog with an open mind. And the answer will be found within this blog later. I guarantee this story will make you rethink and question everything you have been taught since child hood.

This is a story about life and death. A true story about struggling for survival.

I have heard many people in my life say. I wish I would have written a book about my life. Well I did... And here it is. My small e book. Only 5 chapters long.

(Written By John Arrington Aug. 15, 2010)

Chapter 1

Life vs Death

Wow what a subject to start off with. I will start this chapter off by saying, Life is too short. And we are getting older every minute of every day...

If we really stopped to think about how short life really is. We would stop working ourselves to death. We would relax more and slow down and enjoy every second of each day. And live one day at a time and not worry about tomorrow.

To me the worst thing about being young is growing old. And the worst thing about being old is remembering when you was young.

It seems like not so long ago I was 20 years old. Now I'm 55 years old. I always could not wait until I turned 18 years old. Now I wish I was 18 again.

I joke at my birthday parties now. I tell everyone. All I want for my birthday is TLC. Ten less candles. Oh how true that is. I wish I was young again.

To me, the hardest thing for me to do is give thanks for, the cards that was dealt to me in life. Sad but true. I feel that life is so unfair. I am not in control of anything. I was born to die. How fair is that?
( Remember this was my life before Nov. 1984. )

I was not ask to be born. I was not ask if I wanted to be rich or poor.

It seem like life runs from me and death chases me.

I was born with the choices all made for me. And I did not have the right to say anything about what I was about to face in this life. I was born without anything and I will die not taking nothing with me. Period!!!

I was born with the gift of life. Only to have it taken away from me by death... It seem like I was born on death row.

It seems like every living thing on this earth was given life. With a light at the end of a tunnel. And every living thing will find out one day, that the light was always a train headed right for them. Travelling at a high rate of speed. And they never had a chance to get out of the way. And they will die.

Some living will meet their train young and others will when they get older. But every living thing on this earth will meet the train coming at them and will die one day. No exception... Every living thing was given life and will die. Period!!! So unfair to me...

There is only one thing that all living creatures must do. And that is to die. Yes, as soon as you where conceived in the womb you body started the decaying factor. Death had a grip on you even in the womb.

( So IS There Really A Hell??? Yes, I Lived It Most Of My Life!!! )

When I was a child. I had a aunt who never got married or had any children. She was ask one day. Why did you not have any children? What she said shocked me. She said, I would never bring a child into this hellish world. I never forgot her words...

So I lived a life of giving thanks for what? I will lose everything in the end. All my possessions, family, friends and my pets. It will all be taken away from me by death. To me, this seems like total failure. I feel I am a slave to death. I spend all my life as a fugitive, trying to avoid death.

If life is good and death is evil. Death ( Evil ) will win in the end. How am I suppose to be able to enjoy life when I know good and well that death will win in the end. What a bunch of crap. That is so unfair...

I always walked the roads in my life. Seeking the roses along the way. Only to get stuck by the thorns. I feel like a drifter that was born to walk alone.

And once we die, is it really all over? And I hope I don't come back as something else. Because life on earth once was enough.

You and I can't run from death. It is always stalking us and chasing us all our lives. And we can't hide from it. And it will catch us all one day. Mark my words... And the glory of living will be snuffed out by the power of death.

This is how I looked at life before I got Saved and received Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. But not any more. I enjoy life now Thanks to Jesus...

Chapter 2

Religion And The Truth

This chapter is about my life after Nov. 1984 and to this day. This is my Testimony what Jesus saved me from.

I will began this chapter by saying. I am now a Born Again Christian and I am saved. Thanks To Jesus Christ. And my sister Diane who led me to Christ Jesus.

But just because I am a Christian does not make me bullet proof. I still have some questions that Jesus will answer for me one day. Because He is the only one who truly knows the real answer. All anyone else can do is just guess and think up the answer. Because they really do not know the real answer either.

But I will still have to face the Death Sentence just like everyone else will on earth. Even Jesus had to face death.

Am I scared of dieing??? No, not at all!!!

Because on 07-03-2010 I was rushed to the Emergency Room at 2:30 PM. Because I could not breath because of server pain in my chest. And I had not eaten anything in 3 days. And I was extremely weak.

I want you to know that Jesus, my family, friends and pets are my heaven on earth. I love them all very much.

I will never forget that day at the Hospital. As I sat in the lobby with my oldest sister Vickie by my side. I watched my wife Pat as she took charge. Because there was no one working the desk where you sign in the new patients. My wife Pat is a amazing person. She is always helping others and very seldom ask for things for herself.

Finally she found a lady and told her that my husband is sitting in the lobby with chest pains and is struggling to breath.

A nurse called me into the Emergency Room. As I walked into the Emergency Room. ** Yes, You heard Me Right. They made me walk into the Emergency Room ** And I was in chronic pain. As I walked in I was holding my right arm to my right side because I was in so much pain. And it seemed like I was in a trance, like a cloudy haze. Things at times seemed to be happening in slow motion. And sometimes it seemed like everything around me was moving so fast, that I could not keep up with all the things that was happening around me.

They found out that I was suffering from a Pulmonary Embolism attack. That is caused by blood clots in the veins of the lungs. And believe me it is very very painful and it is a battle between life and death.

I was never scared of dieing. I was just in so much pain I could hardly breath. So the nurse gave me some Morphine which is used to treat server pain. So I could breath.

I want to stop here and say. I really enjoyed all my family and friends who came to visit me in the Hospital. It was once wall to wall people. Thanks everyone. You guys rock!!!

So I know from first hand experience what it is like, to be in a real battle to continue living. While my body was knocking on deaths door.

Back to Religion And The Truth.

There are so many Religions in the world. And they all say that they have the true answer, the one and only true Religion. And I have personally examined many of them. And to me, Christianity offers the true answer about life and death.

The reason is. All the other Religions the founders died. But with Christianity, The founder Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is alive today...

So to me, there is more to life then living a few years on earth and being dead in the grave forever. Because becoming a Christian and getting Saved through Jesus Christ, we find out that in the end, life wins not death.

And there my friend is the answer to my question. I will live forever thanks to Jesus Christ. So my answer was found in Jesus Christ. So now, I will complete my Journey and follow Jesus and trust Him only to guide me home to Heaven. Because He and He alone has all the answers. How cool is that???

Chapter 3

Animal Rights And Human Rights

I just read on the Internet that bullfighting has been banned in Spain July 2010. I am so glad, the bulls finally won, awesome...

But what concerns me is. They banned bullfighting because the bulls are stabbed with metal tools and is tortured to death. And I agree, it is wrong to kill. To me life should be more precious then death.

OK, here is my concern. When a fetus is aborted. The fetus is poked and stabbed with metal tools. Until it is dead. Then it is sucked out of the womb with a suction device, sometimes in pieces.

Where are the Human rights. This is nothing but cold blooded murder. It is the same torture that the bulls faced in Spain. There is no differences at all. They both was tortured to death and stabbed with metal tools.

My question is? When will the unborn children that are being aborted win the battle for the right to live, like the bulls in Spain did???

Why is it so easy for people to stand up and win cases in court about *Save the trees, the National Parks and the animals.* But no one seems to really care *But a hand full of people* to save the unborn childern. It makes me absolutely sick to hear about this cruelty to human beings.

I will not get into a debate with anyone over when we have a right to take the life of some living creature. That is your call to make that decision, not mine.

But I will say this. In order for life to continue on this earth something has to die and be eaten so the other can survive and continue living.

Let me explain:

OK, say you have a hunter. Who says, I kill animals and fish to eat. OK, the animals or fish died so the hunter could eat and feed his family.

OK, now we have the vegetarian. Who says, I don't eat meat because it is wrong to kill or take a life. OK, that is fine. But the vegetarian is wrong also, just like the hunter. How? The vegetarian had to kill some plants so they could feed their family. See the plants and the animals had to die so the hunter and the vegetarian could survive and continue living. No living creature can live long with out eating something. And that is the truth...

The only time to me, when we do not have the right to kill something, is for trophies. That to me is cold blooded murder.

So the truth is. For all life to go on and survive. Something has to die. Watch the amimals. They only kill to eat. They do not kill for trophies.

Why Do Animals Have More Rights Then Humans?


Animals are caught and put on a sanctuary. And are taken care of for the rest of their life. All their bills are paid and they receive free food and they eat like kings. And they also receive top of the line professional free Medical treatment for the rest of their life. They have not a worry in the world. Why should they? Because they are taken care of so well...

OK, now we have the Human being and their rights.

It goes something like this. If a person does not work and pay their way in life. They are looked down on and kicked out in the streets. Most of the time it is their loved ones who kicks them out in the streets.

I know what I am talking about here. I was kicked out in the streets by a family member in 1986. And believe me the streets are cruel and unforgiving.

When you are homeless you are kicked around by the system and cops. Almost to the point of being kicked out of town. A homeless person has no place to go... No food, no home and no medical treatment. They are all alone to face a cruel world. Where it seems like no one cares. And most people do not care.

But a abandon pet is picked up. Taken to a shelter and fed and bedded down in a Air Conditioned and heated room. And they also get a complete medical check up. And then put up for adoption. Aw - how sweet and kind. But what about the homeless person???

This is a twisted society that puts animals above human beings.

Chapter 4

I Once Knew A Lady Who Loved Life So Much

This lady was a great lady. She was a mother of 8 children. One child died at an early age. So she raised 7 children almost on her own. When times got tough. And believe me at times it got extremly tough. She always kept the 7 children together and never separated them or gave them up for adoption.

This lady would milk the cows so the kids would have some milk to drink. She would also trade some milk with the neighbor down the street for some eggs. So the kids would have a good meal to eat.

She loved working in her garden picking vegitables so the kids would have a well balanced diet. And she never complained much about anything. Why? Because she always said, *What good would it do.*

I seen her one time cooking up a big pot of deans. And gave all the kids their share. And then she started washing out the pot. I ask her are you going to eat? And she replied, I am not hungry. I did not know what happened at the time, because I was just a little boy. But what happened was there was none left for her to eat. Wow this makes me cry and breaks my heart to this day...

This lady loved life. She loved her small farm. And the kids worked very hard to help her feed and water the animals on the farm. The water for the animals had to be carried up a steep creek bank in 5 gallon buckets about a quarter of a mile away from the house. The kids also had to cut johnson grass along the side of the road to feed the rabbets, sheep and cows.

Sure these kids had to work hard. But all farm hands work hard. Yes, they do ask any farmer.

This lady was not perfect either, she made many of mistakes in her life. But who has not made mistakes in their life. We are all guilty of this. I know I am... I feel I am the worst at making mistakes...

This woman that I am talking about is my Mother Cecile. The Greatest LADY I have ever met in my life of 55 years on this earth.

My dads name is Harry. My 4 sisters names are Vickie, Doris, Diane and Susan. My 3 brothers names are David, James and William. William was the one who past away at a very very young age. I miss you little brother. I was blessed with 3 awesome sons. Their names are John Jr, Scott and Wayland. And I am so proud of them they are great young men.

And I have been blessed with very loving and caring wife and her name is Pat. I love you babe...

Soon my mother became very ill and my oldest sister Vickie took Mom into her home and took very good care of her until she past away in 1997.

The hardest thing for me to get over and it still haunts me like a nightmare to this day and that is.

When I went to visit my mother at my sisters home a few months before Mom past away. I was watching my dear Mother taring kleen ex in half to make them last until she got her next Social Security check in the mail next month.

It was not because none of us kids would not have given her our last dime or buy her more kleen ex. The point is. This LADY loved life. She always worked hard. I remember when she went to work with broken ribs. Oh how sad that leaves me and heart sicken to this day.

But she died struggling all the way to the end of her life. Trying to make ends meet, until she got her next check. Yes, she worked hard all her life and died broke as the day she was born. And her only crime was, she was born. Seems so unfair...

I love you Mama and Daddy. And this e book is deticated to you and dad. What a fine Mother and Dad you all was. I miss both of you so much. Rest in Peace. Jesus loves you two, and so do all us kids.

I miss you two like the desert misses the rain...

Chapter 5

I Have Only Three Regrets In My Life

Wow thanks so much for continuing reading up to this far. I am now coming to the end of this e book *My Life's Story*.

Ok here are my 3 regrets in life, and they are:

1. You can not undo and erase what you have done wrong in the past.

People you hurt always carries with them the memory of what you done to them.

2. You are forgiven but not forgotten.

People will tell you that they forgive you. But they will never forget what you did.

3. Life is too short.

By the time you figure out what life is all about, it is over. No second chance to get it right.

So there you have it. *MY LIFE'S STORY*

Take Care and God Bless You... Jesus Loves You.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jesus: He Accomplished What No One Else Could

By: anonymous

The name of Jesus is above all names (see Philippians 2:9). This commendation was given to Jesus because of what He succeeded in doing while He was here on earth. What did Jesus do?

1. He resisted sin.

Jesus was tempted in all points yet He was without sin (see Hebrews 4:15). Think about the phrase "all points" for a minute. This verse is telling us that that every temptation common to man including lying, stealing, bad thoughts, anger, etc. was thrown at Jesus. Yet He never fell for any of it.

"But Karin, Jesus is God. Of course He was able to stand against sin," you might say. Yes, Jesus is God. But we must understand He walked this earth as a man. So that He could become a compassionate High Priest, Jesus came to feel what we feel (see Hebrews 2:16-18). Jesus stripped Himself of the **privileges** of being God. Because He was infused with and perfectly yielded to the Third Person in the Trinity, He performed great miracles.

2. Jesus manifested the perfect will of God everywhere He went.

He told the truth, healed,cast out demons, met financial needs, and more.

3. He suffered indignities befitting a criminal although He was perfect in every way.

He was severely beaten and called a liar yet He never retaliated. Finally, He was hung on a cross between two thieves. Still, He did not think of Himself. "Father, forgive them because they don't know what they are doing," He prayed. He entrusted the care of His mother to the disciple named John when He said: "Woman, behold thy son. Son, behold thy mother."

4. He became sin who knew no sin.

Jesus, who never sinned, became sin itself so that all who believe in Him could have right standing with God. We have all seen pictures of Jesus hanging on a cross and He looks human. However, the scriptures say He was not recognizable (see Isaiah 52:14). This was the result of every sin and sickness known to man invading Jesus' body.

5. He took our punishment in Hell.

I can't imagine the torture Jesus went through at the hands of the devil and all his demons.

6. He rose in victory and power.

Jesus took the keys to Hell and Death and then made an open display of the devil as a defeated foe (see Ephesians 4:7-9).

Though His brief life on earth could not have been easy, Jesus remained focused on His mission and accomplished what no other had done: the redemption of all mankind.

About the Author

Karin Peavy uses her pen to help change lives. She is the author of Hot Chocolate For the Spirit, a new Bible devotional that is chock full of scripture keys that will help you live your best now. Karin also publishes a weekly ezine that reveals the many ways God is moving in your life, sometimes behind the scenes, and perhaps in ways you never imagined. Visit to discover more Bible study resources.

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Article Source: - Jesus: He Accomplished What No One Else Could