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Friday, February 17, 2012

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Psalm 139 : God is All Present and All Knowing

By: Bengo Bengo.

Out of the 150 Psalms in the Bible, Psalm 139 talks about the power of God and His nature. It also talks about how God knows the intricate details about everyone’s lives. Some people still debate the author who has written this wonderful Psalm. Though some people think that King David is the original author of this psalm, some think it might have been written by the prophet Zechariah. The whole Psalm is focused around God’s omniscient and omnipresent nature. Of the twenty four verses written in this Psalm, every verse has a message as to how God has carefully created humans and how all mankind reflects in His image and likeness.

Verses one to six talk about God and the knowledge he has of His creation. It says that God has all the knowledge about man just when he looks at him. From daily activities to the thoughts in someone’s mind, even if he’s not present around. The knowledge of someone doing something before he/she does is one of the examples of God’s power.

Verses seven to twelve in Psalm 139 speaks about how no one can hide from God. The truth about God’s power comes to light in these verses as the symbolism for these verses is taken from the first book of genesis where Adam and Eve hide from God after they have sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, and he finds them in the Garden of Eden. A closer look at these verses reveals the fact that no matter where men or women go, God is omnipresent.

In verses thirteen to eighteen of Psalm 139 the secret behind the creation of man is revealed. These verses speak about the level of detail that God has designed mankind with and how he has played close attention to every part. His mysterious ways can be explained or understood by any method, now or in the future. It also goes to the extent of saying that God has set a timeline for every man that is alive which only he knows.

In the next few verses that is Psalm 139 nineteen to twenty four, the author prays for all the people who have sinned that they may change their sinful ways so as to please God. These people include men and women of wicked hearts, murderers, thieves and criminals and most importantly the people who challenge the validity of God. The author is also stuck between the cross roads of love and hate for these people and asks God for guidance.

The Psalms is the fourteenth book in the Bible and also the Old Testament. The Book of Psalms and the book of proverbs follow a very poetic and metaphorical style of writing which was very known to the century that they were written during. The 150 Psalms were originally written by Kind David as a series of songs that were meant to be used at a time of offering praise to God. Theologians who have written the Psalm commentary often emphasize the fact though these Psalms were written more than a thousand years ago they can apply to any period of time or any generation.

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