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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Date Setting When Jesus Will Return Is Wrong

I want to clear up something for everyone

We seem to hear a lot about people saying that Jesus will appear on this day or that day and at a certain time.

I would like to tell everyone who are setting dates for Jesus to return, you could never get it right. Jesus told the truth when He said, "No one knows the day or hour of His return."

The reason Jesus said this is because. At any given time of the day. There are two days taking place on earth at the same time. And each country around the world has it's own time zone.

Example: In Dallas, Texas. it is Wednesday. 2:00 PM... And In Moscow, Russia it is Thursday 12:00 AM... Both days are happening at the same time on earth.

So from now on, when you hear someone is setting a date for Jesus to return. There is no way they could ever be correct. Now we all know the truth.

Here is the link to the world time clock. Just slide your pointer over the dots to find a location and see for yourself.

Have a great day. And Jesus Loves You