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Friday, April 30, 2010

This Is Your Generation

There is more to life then just living it. Your life has meaning. This is your day to live in the Power of God. See, we read in the Bible about people who took a stand for God and was a witness to the world. Sharing the good news about God. But those days are history now. Today is your day to make a stand for God. And make your mark on history.

What will you do for Jesus? Let His Love live through you. See, God is not calling for Moses, Mary or Paul today. They are in Glory with Jesus now. God is calling us to fulfill His mission to our generation. Will you be that person who will say, Yes Lord I'll go and share your good news about Jesus.

You and I are the ones called to take up where Moses, Mary and Paul any many others left off. And share the good news about Jesus to our corner of the world. Like family, friends and everyone we meet in our lives. You don't need a ministers license to tell the world *Jesus Loves Them*...

It is time for us to do our part and reach our corner of the world for Jesus. What ever you do, do it for the Glory of God. That was what I did when I carried the cross over 375 miles. And that my friend, is what I am doing today. Trying to reach the world for Jesus by way of the Internet.

I'm still on the same mission of sharing the good news about Jesus through cyber space. Telling the world that *Every thing you are looking for in this life can be found in Jesus*...

That is my mission. That is my calling. Telling the world that *Jesus Loves You*... I would rather die doing the will of God, then die outside of it...

Question? Will you go and reach out to someone for Christ? This is your generation. Will you leave your mark in history on this generation. Reaching the world for Christ as those did before you in history past. It's your turn. What are you going to do for Jesus? I have seen many people come to Jesus as I walked with the cross. It was absolutely amazing watching God at work on those people hearts.

After walking all day with the cross, I would pray with people late into the night. I have to share this with you. I literly felt the battle within me between the flesh and the spirit. My flesh was whining to go to sleep. And my spirit wanted to stay up and pray for all the people and share the good news about Jesus. So I stayed up and shared the good news about the cross. See the message of the cross is the message about how much God loves us.

Will you except the call and tell someone what Christ has done for you today? Become a witness for Jesus today.

You can pray with someone. God can use you to lead someone to Christ. Will you share Jesus with your generation? God will empower you to go, and give you what to say. Just go... Lift Jesus up so the world can be blessed. I do it through the Internet today. And did it walking with the cross in 1984.

Jesus is ready to hear your prayers right now. Right this very minute.

Jesus is ready to restore your life to its fullest. And cleanse you from all your sins. And make you a new person in Jesus Christ. Forgiven and guilt free. Will you let Him do that for you today?

***Say this simple prayer and become Born Again.***

Jesus, I need you. I have failed. I have lived my life all wrong. I'm sorry Jesus. Cleanse me. Wash away my sins. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill me with your Joy and Love and your Peace. In Jesus name. Amen....

Thank you Jesus. You are now Saved. Read your Bible and join a good Church. Tell someone that you have given your life to Jesus.

This is your generation. Go and share the good news about Jesus. Glory be to God. God bless you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

You were Attracted here for ONE REASON.*JESUS*

I tell you the truth. Line your life up with the will of God. And He will make miracles happen in your life. Trust in Jesus, give Him total control over your life. You are never to old or to young to come to know Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour.

God has not given us a spirit of fear. He has given us the spirit of Power, Love and a sound mind. Let's give Jesus a shout and say: Thank You Jesus. Amen

The Healing Power Of Jesus

Let Jesus heal your broken and shattered life, Right Now. Call on Jesus. He is ready to help you.

Did you know that one in 100 people is serving time in jail. Life is hard behind bars. But I'm here to share with you that there is hope. Jesus is only a prayer away. Reach out to Him in prayer. He is standing ready to help ease your burden.


True happiness has to come from within. You have to chose to be happy on the out side. Get up every day and be thankful.

Thought for today: Faith activates God - Fear activates the enemy.

I Hear The Pain

I hear the pain of famlies breaking up. And the hurt of people world wide on drugs. And my heart and prayers goes out to them. Jesus is the answer to all your problems. He is only a prayer away. Just call out to Him.

My Prayer

I pray that who so ever reads this blog will be blessed, healed and come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.

We all have but one chance. One life on this earth to get it right. No coming back to try it again. So get it right the first time. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. John 14:6. So Jesus is the way to get it right the first time. Thank you Jesus. Amen

Becoming Born Again

Becoming born again in Christ Jesus is like a caterpillar and a butterfly. Let me explain. Funny but true. We crawl around all our lives in all the filth that the world has to offer. Never seeing all the beauty the world has to offer. Then we come to the end of our rope. And we become discouraged with the same old same old of failing and sinning getting nowhere fast. We notice we are getting older.

Then one day we are lead by the Holy Spirit to receive Jesus as our Saviour and we get saved. And low and behold we become a butterfly. And we are now allowed to fly above all the filth that we lived in so long. And now we see for the first time in our lives all the beauty that was there all the time.

Recieve Jesus as your Saviour today. And soar with the eagles.

Help Is A Prayer Away

A lot of people are hurting and needing help. And I just want to share this with you. Jesus will help you. He is just a prayer away. Let Him help you today.

Partners Let The World Know

Partners let's do something great for the kingdom of God today.

Jesus said, Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. You can do your part here right this minute and touch many people world wide. How? By posting your message in the comment box and share with the world what Jesus has done for you.

You can also share this blog link with your friends. And help get the message out that Jesus Loves everyone.

Glory Be To God.

Miracles Are Coming Your Way Today

Miracles are going to happen for you and your family today. To God be the Glory. God is your source not man. Let God do what He wants to do for you and your family. Just trust Him and He will make it happen. Thank you Jesus...

The Next Life *Heaven*

Those who think the most about the next life *Heaven* will do the most in this life. If you are truly Heavenly minded you will become the greatest earthly good. And become a blessing to others.

God said * I Am That I Am*

When Moses ask God, what is your name? God said, I AM That I AM. What God was really saying to Moses was. I will be what ever you need me to be. When ever you need me to be it. Wow that is awesome to know.

Remember this: Every thing you are looking for in life can be found in Jesus....

The Dangers Of Sin

Sin will always take you further then you want to go. And will keep you longer then you intend to stay. And will cost you more then you intended to pay.

Let God Help You

In order to find out what your life really can be. You must believe in the Power of God to help you accomplish it. You are free to be what ever God wants you to be.

Let Jesus put the broken pieces of your life back together. He will... He loves you so much.

Jesus Loves You So Much

I believe that Jesus Christ can change every person that reads this blog today! I promise you that something you read here on this blog will touch you and will encourage you. I wonder if you really know all the great things that God has in store for you today?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prayer of Salvation:

If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to make a personal commitment to follow Christ, all you have to do is reach out to Him now in prayer. He is listening and waiting to come into your heart and help you live a better life. Will you invite Him in now? If you'd like to pray and receive Christ as your... Savior, you can use this simple prayer as a guide:

Prayer of Salvation:

"Lord Jesus, I ask You to come into my life and forgive me of all my sins. I confess my sins before You this day. I denounce Satan and all his works. I confess Jesus as the Lord of my life. Thank You for saving me. I believe with my heart and I confess with my mouth that You rose from the dead. I a...m saved. Write my name in the Lamb's book of life. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen."

How to let God develop His word in you.

Just read one scripture and stop. And meditate on it. Let the Holy Spirit develop what you have just read. And all of a sudden you start to get *Revealed Knowledge* from God about his word. Try it and you will be blessed to learn the deep things of God in the scriptures.